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Systematic Agriculture

Great expanse of systematic block planting is the practice for planting, ensuring that the greens will be harvested systematically and according to the right height of growth.


Most produce are of leafy varieties such as Sio Pek Chye, Chye Sim, Kow Peck Chye, Local Endive, Kang Kong, Koo Chye, Local Lettuce, Kai Lan, Spring Onion and more.


Although Yong Kah is a pace-setter in the use of the latest and most advanced agricultural technology,

one thing remains uncompromised that is the dedication and attention to farming that is no different

from its humble past as a small farm ~ the belief that caring for the growth of every seedling to maturity is key to freshness and quality at harvest.

Yong Kah Plantation in Johor, Malaysia

Yong Kah Achievements

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          We are YONG KAH !

We are the producers of more than 30 types of fresh produce.

With more than 40 years of experience we can proudly say that we are one of the best in business, a trusted supplier in Malaysia.

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